Raleigh Medicated Ointment For Brusing

Raleigh Medicated Ointment

Two days ago we took out a large HEAVY piece of our kitchen cabinetry.
When we were taking it out to the shed (where it awaits a new home) I rested the HEAVY cabinets on my upper leg so I could get a better grip on the cabinet.
The next day – I had a HUGE dark blue bruise that was painful.
I rubbed a good bit of the Raleigh Medicated Ointment on the bruise and it made the pain go away 🙂 The bruising is still there but I have no pain with it:)
I am so glad I had some of that in my hall closet 🙂

I think everyone should have a can of the Raleigh medicated ointment in there home.
Get your can by visiting the link at the end of this post.
To everyone who reads this post – Be Blessed Today and Everyday.