Rawleigh Salve

Rawleigh Salve

Do you have CRACKED HEELS? If so

rawleigh salve

Rawleigh Salve

Rawleigh Salve will heal them!

Just rub some on your heel before bed and put on cotton socks. Do this until your heels are healed up…it really does work 🙂

Rawleigh Salve has many more uses. We have had many clients tell us about their many uses. Most are posted on our website.

Here are a few:

  • draw out boils
  • heal sores
  • relieve dry skinForget the over the counter antibiotic creams that cost a fortune. Try our Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve instead. It’s a huge can, not a little tube like you buy in the store, and it lasts for years. Our product uses the same formula as they did in 1889 so you know it is a great old fashioned home remedy. Everyone should have a can in their house.

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