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Heartburn is a common complaint when someone eats too much, too quickly, or indulges in rich foods. It is caused when the stomach works so hard to digest all of its contents that it creates too much acid. With nowhere to go, this excess acid is pushed up into the esophagus and creates a painful burning because it actually scars the more sensitive tissue of your esophageal tract. You do not need to run to the local pharmacy for chalky synthetic remedies, though. Natural ways to relieve heartburn are available that will ease your pain and also reduce the amount of acid your stomach creates which will get rid of the initial cause and therefore get rid of the possibility of more heartburn later.

Some of the best natural heartburn relief agents include clove oil, peppermint, cajeput, and oil of mustard. Some of these ingredients may come as something of a surprise because they seem like they would actually cause more acid, but the truth is that when they are combined properly they are excellent natural ways to relieve heartburn. For centuries people have used combinations of these particular herbs and organic oils to settle their stomachs and relieve the pain that comes with nasty heartburn.

Clove oil is far more than a pleasant smelling part of aromatherapy. When taken as part of a healing remedy, clove oil acts as a natural anesthetic. It soothes the pain of damaged tissue so that you get instant relief as the other ingredients work toward reducing the cause of the heartburn. Natural ways to relieve heartburn are effective because they contain organic elements that your body understands and knows how to use as part of its own healing process.

Peppermint has always been recognized as a way to settle uneasy stomachs. It neutralizes excess stomach acid and helps the digestive system relax so that it can work properly. Natural ways to relieve heartburn should always contain an element that calms the stomach as well as eases the pain.

Mustard oil is the most interesting ingredient when you consider natural ways to relieve heartburn. At first glance you would think that spicy mustard is the last thing you want to introduce into an already upset digestive system. The fact is mustard oil retains the healing properties of its organic makeup without the familiar spiciness that you experience when you eat it as a condiment. Prepared with other essential natural oils, mustard oil will reduce the swelling of the esophagus and help soothe any pain you experience from the acid. When you combine the right ingredients, it is possible to find relief from heartburn in a natural way.

Hundreds of people suffer from the pain of heartburn daily. Natural ways to relieve heartburn contain combinations of peppermint, clove oil, and cajeput, which help ease the stomach and soothe the pain from the stomach acid escaping back up into the esophagus. These healing agents reduce the amount of stomach acid produced, so the heartburn does not return once the remedy has been applied.
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