Rawleigh Chicken Soup Base


Rawleigh chicken soup base is a delicious way to enhance even your Grandmother’s chicken soup recipe. It makes a tasty and easy soup on its own and is a wonderful flavor additive for all of your sauces, stews and dressings.

If you are looking how to make crock pot chicken soup: start with Rawleigh Chicken Soup Base, add your chicken, your vegetables and then let it slowly cook for a few hours until the chicken falls off the bone. Our convenient and affordable base will help enhance the flavor of the chicken and give your homemade soup the flavor kick it need to be a hit with the family.

Even if you like to make chicken noodle soup from scratch, Rawleigh soup base is the perfect flavor enhancer. Use it in place of stock or bouillon cubes to give your soup that extra special something.

Delicious as a soup or use to enhance the flavor of sauces, stews and dressings. Convenient and economical. Even grandma would be proud of chicken soup made from this deliciously flavored soup base.

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