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Rawleigh Internal Liniment also known as Rawleigh Red Liniment soothes your stomach since 1889! Rawleigh Internal Liniment is the same thing your grandmother used years ago.


rawleigh internal liniment
8 oz. 

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Rawleigh Internal Liniment time tested since 1889 to support a soothing and comfortable feeling for the stomach.

Here is what customers have to say.....

Rawleigh Internal Liniment does everything Pepto Bismo (the pink stuff) does such as, if you have gas or diarrea or an upset stomach........this is the product to use. This product is one everyone should have in there medicine cabinet. Trish Koch

I was so sick with the flu. Nothing seemed to help. I tried everything from the drug store.....nothing worked. I finally decided to try the Rawleigh Red Liniment in my cabinet. I put 1/4 of a teaspoon in a shot glass and filled the shot glass up with milk. I drank it down. In 20 minutes I felt a little better. In four hours I took another dose of the Rawleigh Liniment, by now it was time for bed. I awoke the next morning to find I felt much much better. I took another dose and was fine. The flu bug I had was GONE! This is an old time remedy that still works! Thank you for still making it available. We will be ordering again soon! Joe and Ellan R.

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Rawleigh Internal Liniment

$14.25 Per 8 oz. Bottle
$71.95 Per Case Of 6 Save $13.55

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Cayenne Pepper, Hemlock seed oil, Spearment Leaf Oil
Other ingredients:
Water, 48% Alcohol, polysorbate 80, castil soap, FD&C red, FD&C brown.