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Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve soothes and heals most everything!


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5 oz. & 1 oz. Tins

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Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve is recommended for superficial burns, scalds, blisters, boils, bruises, minor cuts and wounds, sunburn, chapped, chafed and irritated skin surfaces. Rawleigh Salve is essentially a drawing salve and is therefore excellent for encouraging stubborn blisters to the surface and extracting dirt painlessly from cuts and abrasions. Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve soothes hands that are cracked and neglected or feet that are swollen or sore.

Rawleigh Salve represents fantastic value with customers stating their tins had lasted between 3 years and some over 20 years and it still is working as well as the day it was first opened!

A thin coating keeps air and dirt away from areas where the Rawleigh Brown Salve is applied. Turpentine and Phenol are the active ingredients that continue to make Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve a best-seller. Rawleigh Healing Salve can also be used on animals. A must have in everyones medicine cabinet!.

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Rawleighs Antiseptic Salve

$12.25 Per 5 Oz. TIN
$106.75 Per Case Of  12  Save $40.25
$7.10 Per 1 oz. TIN
$67.15 Per Case of  12 Save $18.05

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Here is what customers have to say.....

I like the (brown salve), Rawliegh Salve. My dad is a welder and uses the brown salve on all his burns from welding. Diane V.

I've been using the Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve on my horses for nearly 40 years. When I got married and had children, we used it on our kids (even helped with diaper rash) and now our kids use it on our grandkids. Obviously, I like the product. When I recently ran out, due to our new horse getting kicked as he learned his place in the pasture, I couldn't find the email address where I had last ordered so I found you via your web site. Thanks again! Wayne

I have pierced ears and sometimes the earring hole gets infected. I put the Antiseptic Salve on my ear for 3 days and the infection was gone on the third day. Awesome product!Trish Koch

Thanks so much for the Rawleigh's Antiseptic Sauve. When I was young, the Rawleigh man came around with his goods for sale. We always used the ointment for everything. I had not remembered how nice the Rawleigh's Double Vanilla smelled and how good it was until I got my bottle. It is great. Carol

I have a friend who uses Rawleigh's Brown Salve and loves it!
In Vietnam he got Jungle Rot on his feet. When it flares up he puts some of the Raleigh Antiseptic Salve on his feet and his feet are back to normal in two days!
He also banged his head and split his eyebrow open and put this salve on his eye brow and with in 24 hours you barely knew he had split his eye brow open the day before.

My dad passed away in 1986, we cleaned his house and I found a tin of Rawleigh Salve. I took it home with me and used it for LONG TIME. When I finally ran out I started looking for a supplier locally, but could not find one. Then I searched the internet and found you. Thank you! And thank you for the quick delivery. Cindy S

When my parents married in 1939, my mother already had a can of the Raleigh Antiseptic Salve. Throughout the years she doctored a husband, three children, seven grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and numerous dogs and I am still using it! It works better than any prescription salve does. Usually one dose will take care of any infection beginning in a wound. Jo C.

I've used the Rawliegh Salve in the gold can for years for everything from baby' bottom's to sunburn and cold burns. Sandy

My father has had a flare up of psorasis on his arms. He has been to the doctor and twice to the dermotologist. Nothing has helped. He says that the Antiseptic Salve was the only thing that ever helps. Thanks for making it available. Jeff G.

Turpentine and Liquefied Phenol combined in a base of Petrolatum,
Paraffin and Cottonseed Oil.